This registration is for affiliates to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and is intended for married couples of all faith backgrounds.

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Tell us about yourself. What is your faith background? The Marriage Blessing is for everyone, regardless of religion, culture or nationality. *
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Intended Date of Ceremony
Receiving the Marriage Blessing
The Marriage Blessing is a powerful commitment to allow God into your relationship as husband and wife. How well you understand the significance of the Marriage Blessing and prepare to receive it will greatly impact your experience. The process to become a Blessed Couple consists of five steps. To read about each step, please click here. Or, you can contact a local FFWPU Pastor if you have any questions. The Five Steps are: 1. The Holy Wine Ceremony 2. The Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony 3. The Chastening Ceremony 4. The Forty-Day Holy Dedication Period 5. The Three-Day Ceremony of Renewal
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