5 Ways to Become a New Person Each Day


We all tend to like new things: new clothes, new projects, the sunrise of a bright, new day (or new year). We even embrace the chance to be, or feel like, a new person every now and then. Although we are the “same” person we see in the mirror each day, we are constantly changing and growing, and this newness reflects our inherent nature to always move forward, create, and see ourselves in new ways.

We are always striving to improve ourselves and our world, but of course there are times when we feel stuck in routine, doomed to be the way we are now, forever. Wouldn’t God love for us to constantly and intensely appreciate this world on a daily, nay, hourly basis? His world is continuously renewing and so are we, but sometimes we need to step up and consciously energize ourselves if we are to actually feel like new. Here are some ways we can practice daily renewal and make space for creating a life we love:


Getting rid of what we don’t need can be a liberating, refreshing experience. By creating the space in our environment, we can create space in our minds, which is the foundation for our new selves to emerge. We all tend to feel a sense of freedom when we can organize and detach from things, don’t we? We can start by donating clothes and books, and throwing away anything past its expiration date. Good riddance!

De-clutter… Emotionally

Most of us have deeply wedged resentments that keep us from feeling renewed and energized each day. Unblocking our emotions can be a rebirth experience – but it can also be painful and unpleasant! Some things to help us on this challenging journey to rebirth are forgiving others, being grateful and thinking positively. Research shows that we can actually re-wire our brain. Just take a negative thought and declare the positive side to it – voila! We have positive thinking!

Explore Creativity

We’re naturally creative beings. Isn’t it true we are even creative in the ways we dress? Men wear a purple tie one day and a yellow one the next; women make endless pairings of earrings with dresses in an effort to add novelty and excitement to their lives. Try switching up an outfit for a day!

Inspire Yourself – Inside and Out

Don’t we feel exhilarated when we do something new? Something that challenges us or fuels a passion of ours? Disciplines like yoga, writing or sports can give us the opportunity to practice mindfulness and self-appreciation. A simple walk might even do the trick – but try looking UP when you walk and not always at the ground (don’t trip!). Want to go the extra mile? Try eliminating one of the many distractions in life for one day, like the infinite screens (phones, laptops, TV), and open your senses instead to the beauty of nature, the rush of a brisk walk or the invigoration of a friendly chat. Or order two coffees rather than one, and give one away to the first person who comes to mind. Heck, jump off at a different bus stop and explore, and while you’re at it, call up a friend you rarely talk to! The possibilities are limitless. Father Moon says, “All these urges to move around come from our human desire for newness and change.” So find the newness that’s all around you!

Simplify Life

Life can be incredibly complicated at times! Especially as we grow older. Taking the time out for ourselves may seem like a challenge, but that quality time is integral to our self-renewal. Try slowing down, taking at least one day a week to recharge your batteries and to simply be. During this time we can notice the small things in life – the cloud arrangements, the dust particles floating through the air, the smell of decaying foliage, the sounds of excited children – the list is endless, and so is life’s beauty!

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